About BlockSeer

BlockSeer's mission is to build a unified foundation of transparency for the public Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology that has the potential to enable many valuable new services that are fully trusted. Currently, there is a lack of clarity in bitcoin payments and transactions. By providing transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain and its participants, BlockSeer aims to reduce the level of disorder and chaos and increase the level of knowledge and analysis of the publicly accessible blockchain network.

Questions that BlockSeer can help answer

Can I follow a bitcoin payment?

BlockSeer allows you to accurately map out any given bitcoin transaction on the blockchain as far backwards or forwards in time as possible. BlockSeer also allows you dig deep into the activity, patterns and trends, all in one clear graphical view. BlockSeer provides labels describing bitcoin addresses and clusters of addresses. You can also add your own labels and notes to your graphs, and share and collaborate with others for further analysis.

Can I trust the business or person to which I am sending bitcoin?

Because there is no way to reverse a bitcoin transaction, it is important to trust the party to which you send bitcoin. BlockSeer lets you investigate Bitcoin addresses, determine the source of the bitcoin in a transaction or held by an address, and review current activity of transactions and other closely associated clusters.

How is BlockSeer used for business applications?

Businesses and individuals can use Blockseer to determine the validity of the party they are transacting with. Business intelligence for market share growth, corporate protection procedures in the anti-money laundering field, qualitative analysis and academic research are few present day applications.